Gabriel Gordbegli


I'm a software engineer at MassMutual in Boston.


Leet Code


March 6th 2024

Setup chess match between GPT4 and Claude Opus.

November 16th 2023

Released cli tool to run generated scripts in CLI.

August 18th 2023

Consolidated racquet stringing patterns.

July 3rd 2023

Made a React Native app for personalized negative visualizations.

June 16th 2023

Made a site to chat with YouTube videos. 169 Peak MAU.

June 3rd 2023

Launched a similarity search engine for equities.

May 23rd 2023

Deployed an API for Microsoft Guidance (as it doesn't currently support JS).

May 13th 2023

Programmatically created 2k music prompts.

March 6th 2023

Released a relationship advice chatbot . 420 Peak DAU.

January 18th 2023

Hacked together a Moji classifier for his birthday.

August 24th 2022

Made a site that converts Twitter handles to YouTube playlists.

June 24th 2022

Tried teaching.

April 13th 2022

Visualized and ranked universities by their professor's reviews.

April 10th 2022

Released a Chrome extension that adds professor reviews to course registration site. 70 Peak DAU.

February 2nd 2022

Released a Chrome extension that clicks login on my school's site. 52 Peak DAU.

July 23rd 2021

Made a site to help students find the best class schedule.

July 17th 2019

Hacked together a script to automate some data entry.